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Abetta Saddles - Built to last
Abetta Saddles - Built to Last!

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Abetta Year End Saddle Closeout!

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Advantages of Abetta Nylon Saddles

  • Abetta saddles are covered with a 1000 denier nylon that is virtually indestructible. 
  • Abetta is the only synthetic saddle maker that uses closed-cell foam.  Abetta uses a 3-layer lamination of nylon/closed-cell foam, this means the saddle will not absorb water. Between the closed-cell foam and the Nylon nylon, your horse can lay down in the creek you're crossing, and you won't have to worry about your saddle. The kids can drag it through the mud...just rinse it off. Plus, this makes the saddle less susceptible to bacteria and germs.
  • The Abetta Nylon saddle is built on a genuine Ralide saddle tree. Over 50% of all saddles made in the USA are built on Ralide saddle trees. Ralide is an injection molded tree with a metal reinforced horn. Injection molding ensures absolute consistency. Ralide trees are virtually indestructible.


  • The Abetta Nylon also boasts of one-piece rigging. Others go just under the jockey and bolt the rigging to the tree, and that's where they stop. Abetta takes a nylon strap completely over tree. Abetta still bolts the rigging into the tree, but it is one piece. The rigging dees are stainless steel.
  • The Abetta Nylon saddle's seat is covered in Acu-Suede.  Acu-Suede retains its look and feel of suede indefinitely - never smoothing out.
  • There is leather in four places on the Abetta Nylon saddle. The horn is leather wrapped. Rosettes are leather. The nylon rigging is lined with leather to assure it doesn't bunch up or slip. And, the stirrup leathers are leather lined for strength and abrasion resistance.
  • The Abetta Nylon is light enough for a child or a small woman to throw around, and this 17 lb. saddle is more comfortable for the horse. The Abetta Nylon saddle is good looking, long lasting, comfortable, easy to care for, very inexpensive and yet has a high end custom tailored look.






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